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Shipping to CoLab Components

CoLab Components
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For large items, we recommend using Bike Flights. We work with them for most of our bike and wheel shipments. Bike Flights offers competitive shipping rates and walks you through the process of packing and shipping your bike both domestically and internationally.

We highly recommend using a shipper with tracking services and throwing on some insurance for high value items. A bit of a gamble and entirely up to you.

Packing Tips

Bicycles and components need some love while in transit.

  • Fill your box entirely with packing material
  • Skip the packing peanuts please
  • Amp up the bubble wrap on light-weight components
  • Switch to heavier duty materials (newspaper, cardboard) and tightly pack around heavier components.
  • Wrap a ring of cardboard around sprockets and/or rotors to protect them when shipping wheels

Shipments from CoLab

Shipping Options

For wheels and large component orders, we typically work with Bike Flights for large shipments. If you would like to arrange for a specific carrier, please contact to confirm your special instructions. We will make adjustments on our end and let you know if there will be a change to your final shipping costs or estimated delivery date.

For small-parts orders, CoLab typically ships with USPS. They have the best uniforms and flat rate shipping options. To reduce shipping costs to you, we work to ship in a single box, using USPS Priority Flat Rate.

For all orders, please let us know if you would like to add insurance to your order. We'll add that to special instructions on your order and will show a new line on your invoice.

Shipping Address

Please let us know where you would like your order shipped. We know that many of you are on the road and may need to ship to a non-billing address. No problem. There's a couple different ways we can work this out.

If you are using Paypal, you are able to specify confirmed shipping addresses associated with your Paypal account. PayPal offers confirmed addresses as an additional layer of fraud protection. Most credit card companies are also able to add alternate confirmed addresses. Confirmed addresses help guard against stolen credit cards and identity theft. This keeps everything simple and on the up-and-up.

If Paypal isn't an option for you or you aren't able to add a new address to your card, we are happy to ship to a non-billing address following receipt of a money transfer. For international travelers, this is sometimes the most viable and efficient solution.

Packaging Materials

Each shipment from CoLab is hand-packed here at our warehouse. In an effort to be greener monkeys, we regularly reuse packing materials when wrapping up bikes and other components. We are generous with the reused packing materials in order protect your shipment. That said, the postal services and carriers are sometimes overzealous in their package handling techniques, resulting in damage to shipments from time to time. If you're interested in additional insurance, please let us know ahead of shipment.